Createa new normal

Our mission and purpose is creating a new normal.
A new normal that accelerates the evolution of humans
through inspired purpose, education and empowerment.

Technology is an integral part of human life. While we have progressed much, with the help of technology, and developed self-driving cars, launched billions of apps, explored artificial intelligence and machine learning to solve complex problems, a majority of humans still worry about simple, rudimentary concerns that render their daily lives a struggle.

No doubt, we have big issues to tackle; climate-change, global pandemics and water shortage to name just a few, but these challenges will not be solved through just moon-shots, we need both incremental and leap-frog advances that better our state. ZEO aspires to promote a culture of inventiveness that allows anyone with a vision to create change has access to the necessary tools to further their ideas.

ZEO is a technology driven company creating products and experiences that positively impact the world. It is a group of companies that operate independently prospering through strong leadership.

Culture eats strategy for breakfast but
make sure you have both

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  • Team building


    ZEO People are Creators of a New Normal
  • Сonfidence


    Educating the market by translating the first book about design thinking into Ukrainian
  • Openness


    Delivering a New Normal vision to the people
  • Positive vibe

    Positive Vibe

    While working hard never forget to have fun
  • Meeteng

    Continuous Improvement

    Never stop learning
  • Kids day


    Sharing kindness with our loved ones
  • Game room

    ZEO Office

    Special place for special people
  • ZEO music labs

    Work-Life balance

    Living our ZEO life to the fullest and sharing our hobbies with others

The main asset of ZEO has always been its people and their find-the-way-to-get-it-done attitude. Ambition and plans amount to nothing without the right people. We are constantly seeking extraordinary professionals who enjoy working in a challenging environment and can focus on complicated tasks. In exchange, ZEO stands ready to provide them with interesting projects and endless opportunity for growth which builds friendly atmosphere and unique culture.

ZEO university

ZEO University

ZEO aspires to develop a culture of innovation and inventiveness that improves the daily lives of people across the globe through providing tools, education and products that help overcome the challenges of our present and future.

ZEO believes in empowering entrepreneurs that seek to improve the human condition by providing technology, tools, education and financial help to push the boundaries of what’s possible – create a new normal

why? To help users digital lives be more secure and simple.
how? Through innovative & reliable technology solutions


The Kromtech Security Research Center was established in Dec 2015 with the goal of helping to protect data, identifying data leaks, and following the disclosure policy. Our mission is to make the cyber world safer by educating businesses and communities worldwide. Many discoveries have been covered in major news and technology media, earning the Kromtech Security Research Center a reputation as one of the fastest growing cyber data security departments.

Our Approach

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    White hat

    In our work we follow ‘white-hat’ approach which means that we do not ‘hack’ or ‘break’ the IT systems but identify unprotected and leaky protocols

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    Public Search

    We use public search engine to look out for sensitive data that should not be publicly available.

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    Legal Limitations

    The researches we conduct are well within established legal limitations and are not exploitative in any sense.

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    Security Services

    We have cooperated with and contributed to data breach-related investigations conducted by the FTC, FBI, US Navy, HHS/OCR, US Secret Service, and other similar entities.

Kromtech Partners

To bring outstanding level of service and high-quality technology solutions, Kromtech partners with leaders on the market of Mac security, data protection, and ads distribution such as Cujo, Online Trust Alliance, and Avira. We offer partners and entrepreneurs an opportunity to enhance their offerings by integrating Kromtech’s technology products and services.

  • Technology Partners

    Technology Partners Technology Partners Technology Partners
  • Distribution Partners

    MacKeeper Ads Partners MacKeeper Ads Partners MacKeeper Ads Partners MacKeeper Ads Partners MacKeeper Ads Partners MacKeeper Ads Partners
  • Charity Partners

    Charity Partners
  • Channel Partners

    Channel Partners Channel Partners Channel Partners
why? With the proliferation of mobile devices, mobile gaming has become one of the leading ways people choose to spend their time. OnSet would like to transform this daily experience and provide a richer and unique gaming experience to all casual gamers.
how? OnSet is a game development and marketing company developing social mobile games through use of a homegrown gaming engine delivering enhanced graphics for a richer gaming experience. OnSet provides a superior gaming experience through use of its own gaming engine, developing the world’s best graphics and VFX across multiple genres of games.

reel valley - the world’s first game based on nim language

Reel Valley is a free slots game with city builder elements that provides a dynamic and innovative casino experience! Embark on a journey that takes you through the creation of hottest place to be for slot players.

Reel Valley
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    Reel Valley’s 3D slots is the visual equivalent of a vacation

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    Melting Pot of Genres

    We believe in diversity. Enjoy a perfect mixture of multiple popular genres. The more the merrier.

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    Online Tournaments

    Compete with your friends to define who’s the wealthiest on the block!

JAMMY - the world’s smallest digital guitar with assistance

Jammy is a portable guitar so smart anyone will enjoy playing it


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Play it anywhere

The unique construction of the neck allows Jammy to fit where your standard 6-stringer never will, without sacrificing the real guitar’s range.

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Play it the way you like

With direct audio output, you can practice discretely with your headphones ... or plug Jammy into an amp and jam it out loud—with or without your smartphone.

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Play it anyway

Pick your backing band line-up and play. Use our smartphone or tablet app and Jammy will assist with its LED-pointers on the frets, helping you play.

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Showcase your skills

Pick a song, the arrangement’s complexity level, then play with Jammy’s guidance and real-time.

why? Unleash human potential.
how? Connecting people that need help with people with knowledge. Helping consumers use technology to its fullest and empowering anyone with knowledge to help others across the globe.

ZoomSupport - the easiest way to get most out of everyday technology

Thanks to ZoomSupport, you get the convenience of having your computer serviced at home while entrusting it to a professional certified technician. Our innovative remote connection technology brings our experts to you whenever you need them!

ZoomSupport’s proprietary assistance technology and tools allow your devices to be serviced without leaving your home. Our certified technicians can diagnose issues you experience and either fix them or recommend a solution. We help consumers maximize the utilization of technology they already use.



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24/7 Support

With ZoomSupport, an Internet connection is all you need to gain direct access to your own personal Mac or PC expert. Morning, day or night, the hardest working tech professionals on the web are at your disposal at a click of a mouse button!

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Advanced Security Setup

It has never been easier to configure your computer for protection against online threats. Get your antivirus software and security settings configured in the comfort of your own home with ZoomSupport’s team of certified experts.

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Any Device

ZoomSupport technician will help you with Desktop, Laptop, Netbook, Chromebook, iMac, MacBook, Mac Mini, MacBook Air, Mac Pro, iPad, iPad Mini, iPhone, Android Tablet, BlackBerry Phone, Windows Mobile Phone, Windows Tablet, Digital camera, Printer, Scanner, Copier, Fax, Video/audio recorder and storage device

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Enhanced Performance

All computers eventually slow down. As a result, websites take a lot of time to load and, even worse, programs become unresponsive and may crash. By using ZoomSupport, your computer can be returned to zoom levels in just a few hours without you lifting a finger.

the story of zeo

The story of ZEO is one of genuine friendship, the embrace of challenge and an ongoing quest to create a positive impact in the world.

  • 2003

    Back in 2003, two like-minded students, Slava Kolomeichuk and Yuriy Dvoinos, studied together at the Technical University of Ukraine “KPI” in Kiev. They often found themselves observing various problems or frustrations around them and wondering how they might improve upon them. They launched several ideas. Failed fast. Learned the lessons. And tried again. The quest continued as 22 year olds working to achieve Master’s Degrees in Computer Science.

  • 2009

    Being avid Apple enthusiasts, they realized there was no all-in- one platform utility for the Mac OS. This is how they got the idea to create an app which would make digital life easier for average students and people like their parents. This is how the MacKeeper app was born. Developed in 2009 and launched in 2010, MacKeeper quickly found a niche for itself and became a market breakthrough. Fast-forward to 2017, MacKeeper now has over 25 million installs worldwide and its products and services are available in 18 languages.

  • 2014

    The success of MacKeeper inspired the team to create other products. A huge milestone for the maturing company was the founding of ZEO Alliance in 2014, a technology driven company dedicated to creating products and experiences that positively impact the world. Our founders were convinced that their innovative company could continue to find blue oceans of opportunity, attract top talent with a thirst for challenge, and operate successfully as an alliance of product and service companies.

  • 2015

    In 2015, we launched an ambitious mission to “Create a New Normal”. New Normal is not only about products and exploring new markets, but also about ongoing personal growth, leaving your comfort zone and overcoming challenges. To further strengthen this mission, we launched ZEO University – a non-profit educational institution that aims to empower entrepreneurs through gaining practical knowledge from professionals and practitioners from around the world. Several students have gone on to develop successful products and companies of their own.

  • Today, ZEO Alliances runs and manages four separate companies with that all share the same vision of creating a new normal.

  • Slava and Yuriy believe in their hearts that by building a team that shares their passion for products, for challenges and the vision of creating a New Normal, they will create even more remarkable products, and impact ever greater numbers of people around the world.

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